About me

Hello! I'm a friendly, non-binary Hobbit with a penchant for eating peanut butter off a spoon and snuggling the animals of strangers.

During the week, I work as a developer at thoughtbot. I am passionate about building a sustainable web and about data. It's amazing to work as a dedicated problem solver.

After work and on the weekends, I like to do a variety of things. Before the pandemic, I was an active 4-season hiker in the White Mountains of NH, where I've been working on my 48 4K-footers. Now, though, I mostly hang out with my cat, Bast (a.k.a.: "The Cat"). He chills with me in the kitchen while I experiment and graces my artwork with his ass prints.

Clearly, a very vibrant lifestyle.

Reach out to me if you want to collaborate on anything! Current projects are listed below.

Current Projects

  • Exploring Gemini ♊️
  • Making coffee using locally roasted beans
  • Digital art with Procreate

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