About me

Hello! 👋  My name is Eiven. I also go by "EJ". I'm nonbinary and use they/he pronouns.

Trees with eyes spray painted on them

I work as a freelancer, doing pretty much whatever is thrown at me, including writing, art, and software development.

When I am not doing this, I am exploring non-hierarchical societies and understanding how to make them a reality. I currently live in a housing co-op with five of my close friends, experimenting with new ways of living outside of the capitalist system.

For fun, I am an active 4-season hiker. I spend a lot of time in my home state of VT and also in the White Mountains of NH, where I've been working on my 48 4K-footers (31 down!!).

In addition to hiking, I've been focusing a lot of creative energy on food, art, and alternative communities. My pages on this site are a reflection of that.

Reach out to me if you want to collaborate on anything! Current projects are listed below.

You can also view some of my most recent technical experience.

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Current Projects

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