Where we get our food is important. It goes into our mouths; it fuels us. It brings a mood to an apartment when making a meal for one - or to a group of people. When we are hungry, we are not ourselves. "Bad food" affects our health.

My passion for food is multi-pronged:

  • The ways we grow our food. I've worked on several organic farms while living in the Berkshires in Western MA. The methodology behind organic and regenerative agricultural practices is key to a happy farm, happy produce, and a happy planet. In absence of my own yard, I've looked for ways to actively grow the things I want to eat in my apartment.
  • Supporting local growers and makers. Without them, we would've have a wide variety of healthy (and tasty!) choices. We would have no alternative to Big Agriculture and the other Big Businesses that are destroying our environment and even our bodies. Without us supporting them, they would also be without jobs, unable to continue their passions for a living. To support these folx, I sign up to be a member of a CSA annually.
  • Getting good food to those who need it. Not everyone is lucky to live in the Berkshires or in a place like Vermont. There are food deserts all over our country, which makes it difficult for those living in them to get access to quality, fresh goods. This primarily affects people of color, and it's why those working in food security should support Black Lives Matter. The lack of infrastructure to bring fresh food to these areas also contributes to the planet's poor health. This is yet another way environmental justice is intertwined with dismantling white supremacy.
  • Preparing and enjoying food. I don't just love the sources of my food. I love to make it. Although I'm intolerant to gluten, oats, and casein, I like to experiment with all sorts of recipes. It's fun and exciting to roll up my sleeves, wing a recipe, and iterate until I get something that works. You can enjoy some of the fruits (sometimes literally) of my labor below.

I started an Instagram account to document what I've been learning, which you can follow here. Final recipes will be posted on my site once I've served them to others. (Kind of hard during a pandemic!!)

🚧 Please note that these pages are all under construction 🚧

Fun with Liquids

  • Coffee - using local beans to make a variety of drinks
  • Extracts - iterating on my own flavor combinations
  • Mixology - using local distillations with my own shrubs

Plant-based Play

  • Vegan zuppa toscana
  • Vegan taco filling with cassava flour tortillas (in development)