With the pandemic in full swing, I couldn't go out hiking as much. As a result, I was spending more time inside and in my kitchen. Probably like everyone else in the world.

While I like cooking and baking, I became really attached to doing things with liquids. I find liquids fascinating. It may not sound appetizing that way but I promise you that you won't be disappointed - especially if you like coffee. ☕️

I also am huge into agriculture. Since I'm in the city instead of a rural area (for now), I'm a member of a CSA and am actively growing the things I want to eat in my apartment. In high school, I worked on a variety of organic farms, which laid the ground work for an appreciation for local foods as well as gave me the skills to keep plants alive. 🤦🏻

You can enjoy some of the fruits (sometimes literally) of my labor here.

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