Cup of Squid
~musings and folly~

Technical Resume


Front-end/static sites: React, Vue, 11ty, Netlify CMS, HTML/CSS, SCSS

Full-stack: Ruby-on-Rails (4+), create-react-app

Back-end/data: Node/Express, Pandas/NumPy, Heroku, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Vite

Languages: Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, Elm, Python, Scala

Member/Web Developer

Autonomic Co-op, Remote ~ Dec 2021 – present

  • Work with small clients to help them set up their grassroots organizations on the web.
  • Use only FOSS tooling to create sites and apps.
  • Maintain an accessible, global presence to make sure those in underrepresented communities are able to make their ideas a reality.

Senior Developer

thoughtbot, Remote ~ Jun 2021 – Nov 2021

  • Advocated for code quality and developer happiness on long-term engagement by pair programming and meeting with both client and thoughtbot team leads.
  • Wrote blog posts about technological concepts related to client projects to increase developer knowledge base.


thoughtbot, Boston, MA ~ Aug 2019 – Jun 2021

  • Independently acquired basic functional programming concepts in under a month to contribute to a government-backed project.
  • Contributed to the DEI council to encourage more involvement of underrepresented communities in software.
  • Pushed back on clients with unrealistic expectations while providing them with suitable alternatives that delivered on their MVPs.

Software Engineer

Neurala, Boston, MA ~ Jul 2018 – Aug 2019

  • Innovated on a small team creating a multi-faceted application that provides scene recognition and segmentation solutions for commercial groups without experience in AI/ML models.
  • Built a strong skill set in back-end development using TypeScript and Node, including API design and writing service integrations from other teams.

Software Engineer

Wellington Management, Boston, MA ~ Oct 2017 – Jul 2018

  • Optimized the company’s use of data for investment purposes through the use of cutting-edge tools.
  • Spearheaded research initiatives into dashboard tools and building prototypes to demonstrate its importance to the company’s investment science initiative.