I want to throw a temper tantrum
the kind with fists ablaze, red face

the works

Maybe because I want to cry
screams knifing themselves out
of my throat, ringing my ears
going deaf on raw emotion

rare feelings go down best
with a swig of wine and a spliff

these days only onions cause tears
deaths a dull pattering in the chest
that broken feeling between

helplessness pushing onward
and kettle bells instead of feet
pulling into yielding earth

– July 30, 2021

hail mary

what is this I laid
to rest on your lap
it’s gently weeping

not my mother’s burdens
not your sickly soul

its tears are flowing
gold and grey, its
wings flung akimbo

perhaps a bird from
our time together
birthed from our wombs
collectively forgetten

we didn’t wish to bleed
from our mouths above

or below

but the Virgin Mary has
a way of choosing
her children’s pain

we are told this can
be Overcome, but these
tears staining our skin
with metallic wetness

it tells a different story

– July 3, 2021


why are we, why these
why so soft are we, these
prisons of flesh we are
blades piercing until blood
why these wounds these scars
why are we bound to this
these bone bars are full
of writhing flesh inside outside
why are we, why these, why
are we the way we are

– February 4, 2021