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It's More Than "Resilience and Optimism"

Or is it just simpler than that?

Let’s cut straight to the chase: I think this article’s attempt at understanding burnout is tone deaf.

In fact, it’s almost laughably tone deaf:

The truth is that if a company were to spend some resources teaching employees how to bolster their resilience, optimism, self-efficacy and internal locus of control, burnout would start to decline.

Oh hai, Mark. Are you suggesting that we should learn to wake up in the morning with fucking sunshine coming out our mouths and rainbows coming out our asses?

You know, as you helpfully mentioned, there is a pandemic going on.

I’m sure the professionals of the world, especially the young ones who already have been structurally shut out of any kind of chance at a flourishing life in this capitalist dumpster fire, would love to hear your thoughts about “building self-efficacy” while their previously healthy friends are in the ICU.

Or, more accurately, in mental hospitals to get treated for this burnout. But you know… maybe they just need to “bolster” their “internal locus of control” (bless you; by the way, might wanna get tested for COVID).

Also, bud, we are kind of sick of this “resilience” bullshit. We’ve survived our fair share of economic disasters - some of us before we even made to to college.

But wait. I have an idea - you know what would make employees more resilient?

Having a 4-day work week.

I’m not talking about cramming 40 hours into 4 days. I’m talking a sustainably paced 4 days. No more than 32 hours.

Not like it hasn’t been done before. (And successfully.)

You might be thinking that this would come with a decrease in pay - in order to line the pockets of the CEOs that are currently lining your pockets.

Not so.

In fact, if the productivity percentages outlined in the above article are any indicator, people asking for their pay to not change is probably a bonus to you and these precious CEOs.

Whoa. So, we’re talking a win-win here. Isn’t that wild? Who would’ve thought that we could get both sides of the equation to be pleased with such a decision.

Well, wait. Someone already did. ಠ_ಠ