An Amalgam of Sorts
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An Amalgam of Sorts

About halfway through my week of PTO and I've made some neat strides in the technical world. πŸš€

First, you'll notice that the theme is getting iteratively updated. You can see the theme's progress on GitHub. Leave comments if there's an issue with a feature. Please note, I'm doing this ad hoc, but I will get to your comments!

Secondly, I finally joined Mastodon. I met an amazing human online via a tip from a new friend in town. We talked over Jitsi and then they invited me to join Merveilles. You can find me there. Give me a follow; I'm primarily covering alternative communities both digitally and in the real world in addition to my usual shenanigans.

Speaking of alternative communities - I've fallen in with some folx who are interested in starting a commune. More on that when we are able to mobilize more effectively. I imagine that I will be covering legal hurdles and the like in order to make it easier for others to replicate.

As you can probably see, taking a week off has provided so much clarity for me. I want to take more time and develop some of these thoughts that have been pushed to the back of my mind due to stress and working all the time.

The more time I have to myself, the more I realize just how toxic the typical 9-5 schedule is... I wonder what would happen if people had more time to be with their thoughts or to explore what interested them. What kind of world would we live in?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, especially when paired with bell hooks' All About Love. This book has radically changed my life and how I view love as a concept. What once was an amorphous term has a more clear definition - including what one should expect from people they want to receive love from (and give love to).

What comes as no surprise is capitalism's role in making our society a loveless society. This is where a lot of my thoughts have come in regarding the cultivation of alternative communities - whether we explore this digitally using a federated platform like Mastodon or building a real-world example like a commune or homestead.

Ideally these communities strip the mindless consumption and focus on building a more loving and deliberate space. In using Mastodon, I've found already that my interactions with people on there have been more meaningful, especially with the establishment of a local instance where likeminded people can ideate together.

I'm excited to explore and build up these spaces as a more accessible way to interact with others. Especially when it comes to the Fediverse, I've been finding that it attracts mainly the technically minded folx of the world. While this lends credence to a more technical future, it is not fair to think everyone is capable of getting to the same level regardless of their background. (Though note that the author of Β the linked work "The Future Will Be Technical" does not assume this.)

Like alternative communities in the real world that favor going off-grid or building homesteads from scratch, this also is not accessible to everyone. We need to break away from the one-size-fits-all approach to shoring up current communities or building newer, more loving ones.

I think we have a long way to go, but I'm beyond excited to be on this path. Looking forward to what the future brings and contributing to it.